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VTC Battery Pass New EU Battery Regulation 2023/1542 Directive
A new regulation (EU) 2023/1542 was issued by the European Parliament and the Council on 12 July 202...
[ 2024/1/3 ]View More>>
What's the application factor of the lithium ion energy storage battery internal resistance?
Internal resistance is an important parameter to measure lithium-ion energy storage battery perfo...
[ 2022/11/26 ]View More>>
Electrochemical Energy Storage Battery
The electrochemical energy storage power station charges and discharges the positive and negative...
[ 2022/10/30 ]View More>>
Will Sodium-ion battery replace lithium battery in the future?
Recently more and more customers ask us the question that whether sodium-ion battery replace lithium...
[ 2021/8/21 ]View More>>
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