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The Advantages of Lithium Batteries Used In Medical Equipment?

Time:2021/3/26Posted:VTC Power Co.,Ltd

Medical equipment has become an important field of modern medicine. There are more and more medical equipment using lithium batteries, such as monitors, electrocardiograms, syringe pumps, infusion pumps, B-ultrasound, ventilators, medical lighting, medical electric drills, and electronics. Clinical thermometers and so on, but what are the advantages of lithium batteries for medical equipment?

1. Good safety performance. The medical equipment lithium battery adopts the vehicle-grade lithium ion battery, and is equipped with a multi-level safety protection scheme to ensure the safety of the medical equipment lithium battery.


      2. The shape can be customized, and the lithium battery for medical equipment can increase or decrease the thickness of the battery according to customer needs, change the shape, and be flexible and fast.


3. Lightweight, shape and size can be customized according to the structural requirements of medical equipment, especially the polymer lithium battery can meet the requirements of various special-shaped structures.


4. The weight is very light. The weight of lithium batteries for medical devices is 40% lighter than steel shell lithium batteries of the same capacity and 20% lighter than aluminum shell batteries.


5. Lithium batteries for medical equipment have high energy density. The capacity of medical equipment batteries is 20-25% higher than that of steel shell batteries of the same size and 10-15% higher than aluminum shell batteries.


6. Small internal resistance, stable discharge, can meet various large and small current discharge requirements, and have a wide range of applications.

Compared with other traditional technologies, lithium batteries have many advantages in the application of portable medical equipment: higher energy density, lighter weight, longer cycle life, and better The battery capacity retention characteristics and a wider applicable temperature range...


Nowadays, the mobility of medical equipment has become more and more important.

 Today, the application of lithium batteries in medical equipment has produced a large number of monitoring instruments, ultrasonic equipment and infusion pumps, which can be used far away from hospitals or even battlefields. Portable devices are becoming more and more convenient to move. It is precisely because of the application of technologies such as lithium batteries that the 50-pound defibrillator can be replaced by a lighter, more compact, and user-friendly device without causing muscle tension to medical staff. Due to the wide variety of medical devices, complete functions and high precision in modern clinical departments, it is very important to ensure the correct and safe use of various devices. Therefore, effective maintenance and maintenance of the lithium battery and other vulnerable parts in the instrument can not only extend the service life of the lithium battery, but also reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment, and significantly improve the utilization and integrity rate of the hospital's medical equipment.


With the maturity of lithium battery technology and the increasing requirements of portable medical devices for mobile work, lithium batteries are gradually occupying the leading position in the medical device industry with their absolute advantages of high voltage, high energy and long life.

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