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Sodium-ion battery - a new breakthrough in the safety performance of new energy vehicles

Time:2024/4/28Posted:VTC Power Co.,Ltd

Sodium-ion batteries—the new darling of the market

      As an emerging energy storage technology, sodium-ion battery has more prominent safety advantages than traditional lithium-ion batteries. In the tests of overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, acupuncture, etc., the sodium-ion battery showed excellent performance of no fire and no explosion. Its higher thermal runaway temperature means that sodium-ion batteries are more stable in high-temperature environments and less prone to spontaneous combustion. In addition, sodium-ion batteries have a higher internal resistance than lithium-ion batteries and generate less instantaneous heat in the event of a short circuit, thus reducing the risk of fire and explosion. These characteristics make sodium-ion batteries have broad application potential in the field of electric vehicles.

Sodium-ion batteries have broad prospects,many companies are competing for it
      At the same time, more and more companies are also actively laying out the sodium-ion battery market. Traditional lithium-ion battery manufacturers such as BYD, CATL, and Haisida have entered the field of sodium-ion batteries by virtue of technology migration, while innovative companies such as Innovative Energy have tried to achieve "corner overtaking" of established battery companies in new fields through innovative research and development. The active participation of these companies has undoubtedly injected new vitality into the sodium battery market.


       The rise of sodium-ion battery technology provides a new way to solve the safety problem of the new energy vehicle industry. With the continuous progress of sodium-ion battery technology and the gradual expansion of the market, we have reason to believe that sodium-ion batteries will become an important choice in the field of new energy vehicles, providing a solid safety guarantee for green travel in the future. The future of sodium-ion batteries is worth looking forward to.
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