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Time:2024/6/5Posted:VTC Power Co.,Ltd

      In general, the performance of traction battery is better than SLA electric he. Its most prominent advantages are stable output voltage, relatively low cost of single cell, large volume capacity, good vibration resistance and long service life. Because the motor used for traction requires to provide a long time of high current, so the traction battery must be able to maintain a long time every day deep discharge and then deep charge. Typical discharge rates for these batteries are about C/5, and daily use requires up to so% of their rated capacity during each day of use.

       Traction batteries are available in a wide range of sizes and performance, with output voltages from 12 to 240V and capacities from 100 to 1500Ah or even greater per cell. These cells typically have energy densities of 20 or 30 W-h/kg (55-77 W-h/dm') and a cycle life of 1000-1500 cycles. Many manufacturers have developed samples of lead-acid batteries with energy densities of 40 W-h/kg and cycle lives of 100() cycles and lead-acid batteries with energy densities of up to 60 W-h/kg but with less cycle life.


        Traction batteries are commonly used in industrial trucks such as forklifts, milk trucks and other pick-up trucks, mining trucks and process sweepers, scrubbers, golf carts, and VTC batteries are being developed for use in electric and hybrid electric vehicles.


       Multi-tube positive plates give the battery high specific energy and capacity and ensure a long cycle life. Positive plates are sometimes made of inkstone-coated Gershon plates, but in this case there are also glass felts and special dividers to reduce spreading, shock and to guard against shedding of the active substance.

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